To improve foreign language


Many non-native speaking participants value that their language skills have improved significantly during the dialogue.
Socratic dialogue is suitable for participants from level B2. You have to be able to formulate and describe (even in a simple way) your experiences.

Benefits from Socratic dialogue as a language course:

  • It improves your ability to think in a foreign language. The principle of mutual understanding guarantees that no one in a group is left behind.
  • Every idea is clarified and repeated by participants in different ways. It helps you to express yourself and to understand others better (active and passive language skills).
  • Interesting topics. If you are bored by discussing typical language topics such as family, holiday and kitchen, try some ethics or practical philosophy and gain some new insights.

At the moment we don´t provide socratic dialogue as a pure language course, so there is no specific lesson on grammar. It is rather communication training.