Socratic Dialogue Würzburg, Germany 1-4.3.2019


Traditional Socratic meeting in Würzburg during the popular Carnival Weekend.

On the first day all participants are divided into several German-speaking groups and one English-speaking group
according to their interests. The participants work in these groups for the whole time. The common agenda will be translated into English.

Beginnig: 1 of March, 6.00 PM

End: 4 of March, 1.00 PM

Topics and facilitators

  • Bernadette Thöne: Mathematisches Thema

  • Veit Siegmund: Was bedeutet es, sich anzustrengen?

  • Gisela Raupach-Strey: Welche Grenzen sollte ich akzeptieren, welche überschreiten?

  • Vander Lemes: What does it mean to be tactful? (SDs in English)