Socratic Dialogue Springe, Germany 9-14 April 2022


On the first day all participants are divided into several German-speaking groups and one English-speaking group according to their interests. The participants work in these groups for the whole time. The common agenda will be translated into English.

Beginnig: 9 of April, 6.00 PM

End: 11 of April, 1.00 PM

Topics and facilitators

  • Pia Houni, Dieter Krohn (Mentor): Under what circumstances is creativity a positive element? 

  • Gisela Raupach-Strey / Christiane Stüber (Hospitantin): Worin unterscheiden sich Zweifel und Skepsis?

  • Volker Rendez: Unter welchen Bedingungen darf ich gegen die Werte anderer (Betroffener) handeln?

  • Ralf Brocker / Bernadette Thöne: mathematisches Thema