To improve your soft skills


Managers from companies or school children often appreciate the group work and friendly atmosphere in socratic dialogue.

Since there is a principle of striving for consensus and mutual understanding, the group members learn specific skills during the dialogue:

  • to really listen to the opinions of others and to understand them (participants learn to verify their understanding: "did I understand you well? Did you mean...?")
  • to focus on their own clear expression (so that other people can understand theiridea)
  • to improve the mutual trust among participants(we only say, what we really mean; we try to solve a question together, there is no "winner-loser" situation)

Within a dialogue, moments of confusion of the group or a time of silence may occur, usually when participants realise there is misunderstanding within the group. Such tense situations usually push the group work further and bring real recognition of the topic discussed.

"I thought everyone must see it the same way as I do?!"

"I finally could understand what another person is really saying." 

"I could experience a real dialogue, I didn´t have to fight someone else's comments and nobody in the group tried to win over others."